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We provide information on relevant topics that affect the epilepsy community. 

Seizure First-aID

We provide seizure first-aid and recognition training to the public.

We uncover stigmas and misconceptions about people with epilepsy and tackle issues in the epilepsy community. 


We advocate for people with epilepsy and underserved individuals through policy and relationships 

Project Purple Butterfly Presents: The Purpose

Epilepsy Equity & Inclusion in Minority Communities


Project Purple Butterfly is a non-profit organization, created in 2019 nearly a decade after she was diagnosed and transitioned to a non-profit organization in 2022. The organization was created to support the epilepsy community and promote epilepsy awareness and education. The organization also tackles social disparities and inequities such as race, gender, socioeconomic status, and disability. The organization has collaborated with organizations in fundraisers, community events, and seizure first-aid training. The organization has also developed a support group and a podcast to discuss topics that impact the epilepsy community such as COVID 19, health coverage, mental health, and a number of other obstacles and challenges faced by people with epilepsy. Tia also focuses on supporting caregivers and their experiences with those living with epilepsy, such as fear for loved ones or managing the stress of caring for someone with epilepsy. Project Purple Butterfly is continuing to evolve and create safe spaces for those in the epilepsy community.


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diversity, equity & inclusion 

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